Water Problem at Newtown’s Public Library

Saturday afternoon on January 4, 2014 Newtown Hook &Ladder was sent to the Cyrenius H. Booth Library at 25 Main St. for a water problem. Members responding with Engine 112 and Ladder Truck 114 and found a broken sprinkler pipe due to the recent cold weather. Shutting off the sprinkler and electrical to the damaged section of the building, crews started water evacuation to lower levels of the building. Restoration / remediation and sprinkler companies were called into assist the library and the building was closed to the public.

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Structure Fire on Thunder Ridge in Sandy Hook

Thursday January 2, 2014, a little after 1pm  Sandy Hook Fire Rescue, Newtown Hook and Ladder and Botsford Fire Departments responded to 6 Thunder Ridge Road to a reported fire in a residential home.

Ladder Truck 114 responded and crews from Hook & Ladder assisted members of Sandy Hook extinguishing a fire in a residential wood framed dwelling. Manning several attack hose lines and performing roof ventilation, the bulk of the fire was extinguished and placed under control quickly. Hook & Ladder sent Engine 1 to a nearby pond to fill tankers and Engine 111 and crew was sent to standby at Sandy Hook’s main station. Dodgingtown Fire Department (returning from a structure fire the town of Bethel) sent Engine 221 and Tanker 229 to Hook & Ladder’s station to cover the remainder of the town.

Hook & Ladder remained on scene for approximately two hours and assisted in overhaul of the building.

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Mount Pleasant MVA with Entrapment

Friday morning, December 27, 2013 shortly before 6:30am Newtown Hook & Ladder was dispatched for a Motor Vehicle Accident with entrapment on Mount Pleasant Road near the intersection of Saw Mill Road. Rescue 113 & Engine 111 responded with Hawleyville Engine 331 to the scene and found one person trapped in the vehicle. Crews stabilized the vehicle with cribbing, removed the doors and the roof with The Jaws of Life™ and saws-all’s. Rescuer’s moved the dash board off the trapped driver with two hydraulic rams and come-a-long. Full access and removal from the vehicle was just over 30 minutes. The heavily traveled road was shut down for two to three hours during the investigation and clean-up.

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MVA with Entrapment on Sugar St.

Sunday, December 22, 2013 just before 8pm Newtown Hook & Ladder was dispatched to Sugar St near the intersection of Sugar Lane for a Motor Vehicle Accident with Entrapment. Rescue 113 and Engine 111 responded to the scene a found one vehicle off the road with one person trapped. Crews stabilized the vehicle using cribbing and come-a-longs due to the incline. Using the Jaws of Life, hydraulic cutter and saws-all the driver’s door and roof were removed to allow access to the trapped occupant. From the time of arrival of rescue equipment on scene to patient removal and care transferred to Newtown Ambulance was fifteen minutes. Hook & Ladder remained on scene until vehicle was returned to the road and removed from the scene.